Episode 46 – High School Newspaper Publications

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Episode 46 Overview

This episode features Dr. Jeck sitting down with student editors from FCPS high school newspapers. The group discusses the challenges and successes associated with newspaper design, creation and distribution, along with the importance of communication and writing.


Guests (High School Student Editors) –


FHS (The Falconer):

  • Catherine Smith
  • Drew Kolb
  • Catherine Arellano
  • Sabrina Brooks
  • Margaret McGee
  • Nathan Hensley

LHS (The Patriot Press – libertypatriotpress.com):

  • Ashlyn Leatherwood
  • Diego Blanco

KRHS (The Chronicle)

  • Hazen Griffin
  • William Stanziano – Editor in Chief
  • Garrett Hall
  • Priya Kommu
  • Daniel Stell

Resources Mentioned – 

Now We’re Talking Episode 36 – Defining Success with Todd Komarnicki

https://libertypatriotpress.com/ – The Patriot Press

Season 4 Sponsors –

  1. Stantec –
    Stantec is the architectural firm for the project at Cedar Lee Middle School. We appreciate their partnership and want to thank Dr. Bill Bradley and Derk Jeffrey, in particular, for agreeing to sponsor this podcast.
  2.  Joe’s Pizza (Marshall) –
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