Episode 50 – The Best of Now We’re Talking

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Episode 49 Overview

During his 50th episode, Dr. Jeck looks back at his favorite moments from previous Now We’re Talking episodes and counts down the top five. Which will be #1?

Louis McDonald

Top 5 Episodes – 

#5 – Equity in Education (Episode 27 – published January 2020) 

beginning at 37:30

Episode Overview: In this episode, Dr. Jeck sits down with a Liberty High School teacher (Jessica Majerowicz) and the FCPS Deputy Superintendent (Dr. Major Warner) to discuss educational equity –  what it means, and the importance of taking courageous actions to benefit all kids.

#4 – Defining Success with Todd Komarnicki (Episode 36 – published Feb. 2021)

beginning at 29:55

Episode Overview: In this episode, Dr. Jeck sits down with Hollywood producer and writer Todd Komarnicki. The two college friends discuss the true meaning of success, the importance of having a strong work ethic, humility and integrity, and much more.

#3 – Student Questions and Top 10 Student Tweets (Episode 16 – – published April 2019)

beginning at 23:35

Episode Overview: In this epic episode, Dr.Jeck answers questions submitted by students and announces the top 10 student Tweets from this school year.  

#2 – Disabilities Awareness Month: Stories of Inspiration (Episode 8 – published November 2018)

beginning at 11:40

Episode Overview: In this episode, Dr. Jeck has a conversation with two young men (Ryan Perry – FHS grad and Lane Mullins- LHS grad) about overcoming disabilities & advocating for awareness.

#1 – Following Your Passion – A Conversation with Chef David (Episode 42 – published October 2021)

beginning at 3:08

Episode Overview: In this episode, Dr. Jeck sits down with his son, Chef David Jeck.  Listen in as the two discuss the opportunities that exist beyond a four-year college, the importance of following your passion, and how having a good attitude is key to success. Chef David also shares the secrets of a successful restaurant and how to structure the perfect menu.

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