Episode 44 – Lessons Learned from Gen Z

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Episode 44 Overview

In this episode, Dr. Jeck sits down with a panel of students from each of our high schools to get their perspective about how they learn best, social media, news, being open-minded, and much more! 

Guest Panel of High School Students

Kettle Run:

  • Simone Tapscott
  • Madison Canterbury
  • Rachael Kersey


  • Lilly Verrill (recently awarded 1st place for her entry in the Voice of Democracy student essay competition presented by the Robert E Laing Memorial VFW Post 9835)


  • Meredith Wayland
  • Payton Swart
  • Reece Kuhns 


  • Olivia Stith
  • Samara Brooks

Season 4 Sponsors –

  1. Stantec –
    Stantec is the architectural firm for the project at Cedar Lee Middle School. We appreciate their partnership and want to thank Dr. Bill Bradley and Derk Jeffrey, in particular, for agreeing to sponsor this podcast.
  2.  Joe’s Pizza (Marshall) –
    Mention this podcast and receive 10% off your bill!

Please note: The views expressed on this podcast are not necessarily the views of FCPS.

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