Episode 30 – Teachers Discuss Virtual Learning

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Episode 30 Overview In this episode, Dr. Jeck sits down with a panel of FCPS teachers to discuss the opportunities associated with virtual learning.

Guests –
The panel of FCPS teacher experts:

  • Carrie Linebaugh (FCPS Teacher of the Year, Liberty)
  • Brittany Hundley (Superintendent’s Innovator of the Year, Greenville)
  • Bill Davidson (Kettle Run/CTE)
  • Nicole Goepper (Fauquier/French) 
  • Matt Walker (Taylor /Civics/Geog) 
  • Lisa Mergen (Auburn /Music and Lead)
  • Allyson Martin (Brumfield) 
  • Amy Fields (Instructional Coach for Division)
  • Kaylee Yost (Pierce)

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“The smartest person in the room, is the room.” ~ David Weinberger (also David Jeck)

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