Three Brothers Benefit from Their Learning Spaces

Here’s how a mom describes the learning spaces set up for her first-grader, fourth-grader, and sixth-grader:

“It made all the difference having them in different spaces, quiet, and with everything they need around them! And thank you for the Chromebooks provided to my 2 older ones! That made a huge relief for us since we only had a laptop which would be impossible to share!”

#FCPS1Success – Kindergartener Learns Something New Every Day

Every day I am amazed when I come home from work and my (Kindergarten) son tells me something new he has learned. Last week he retold the story of “Pete the Cat” while using a puppet he had made during his independent work and this week he ‘taught’ me about what a pattern core is that he learned during his live lesson and made multiple examples to show me using manipulatives his teacher sent home. I could go on and on. Every day he is learning something new and is so proud and excited to tell us about it! Way to go Mrs. Dalton for keeping the kids engaged and learning through this virtual platform!

Watch as Wyatt demonstrates his understanding of pattern core.  Way to go, Wyatt!

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