Pearson Pandas’ Penny Drive Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

admin team covered in silly stringStory by Kara Lynn, ITRT at Pearson Elementary School

The students and staff of HM Pearson Elementary presented a check for $1107.74 to the Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation.  Each day in October, students brought in pennies for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Mrs. Leavell’s 5th-grade class, which brought in the most, celebrated by covering Principal Mark Marchinetti and Assistant Principal Jamie Edgar with silly string!

The Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation serves Fauquier and Loudoun Counties.  With this donation, they are able to supply baskets to post-surgery patients to help make recovery a bit more comfortable.



Positivity Permeates Greenville Elementary

By Ange Byrd, FCPS Parent and Substitute Teacher


Tim Gardner


I have been substituting at Greenville Elementary School. I wanted everyone to know from an outsider who has no kids there, that this school is incredible! When you walk in, Mrs. Day greets you and cannot make you feel more welcome. Truly. I cannot stress enough how important the front office is at our schools. She is a breath of fresh air!

The admin there, Tim Gardner and Sydney Kelly, are always present in the halls. I see them multiple times a day when I am subbing, and they are continually positive and encouraging. You do not understand how much that means when you are substituting to see the administration in the halls and available if you have any questions. If you ever do any county-wide meetings talking about things that subs need to want to come back and work at a school, please let all the schools know how much this is appreciated.

Staff morale is different at GES… When you walk down the hallway, there is positive energy from the staff. They are smiling and always make me feel right at home there. I think having administrators who support them and keep their spirits up makes a huge difference. They should be commended. It is not an easy time right now at the schools, and the way that Greenville is operating is amazing! What they do there matters and the difference in their school shows on a daily basis.

Three Brothers Benefit from Their Learning Spaces

Here’s how a mom describes the learning spaces set up for her first-grader, fourth-grader, and sixth-grader:

“It made all the difference having them in different spaces, quiet, and with everything they need around them! And thank you for the Chromebooks provided to my 2 older ones! That made a huge relief for us since we only had a laptop which would be impossible to share!”